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About Us

Click Here to Download Certification Documents. Located in Norfolk County, Sosnicki Organics is a Certified Organic Family Farm and Food Processor committed to sustainable agriculture. Our philosophy is that farming practices should leave the soil, air, water, plant life, animals and people healthier – and happier. We are a proud organic micro farm (a.k.a. small family farm) farming under 100 acres of 30 different vegetable crops with well over 100 varieties. Ben and Jessie, both farmer’s all their lives are very proud to have made the switch from conventional to organic.


We have been farming organically for over 10 years now and are never looking back! As Ben puts it plainly: “We should have done it sooner”. Organic farming is a lifestyle choice that is also reflected in how we raise our animals, prepare our foods and live our own lives. Most notably we believe that organic farmers’ (who work very hard) should be paid a fair price for their produce. We are happy to see the growing number of families shopping direct at farmer’s markets and purchasing from retailers who also ‘get it’. We are passionate, proud and act to serve as a tiny beacon for other small family farms that are eager to change their way of thinking regarding their farming practices and make the switch to organic.

How To Buy
Sosnicki Organic Produce can be purchased fresh at one of our Farmers markets in the GTA. Some seasonal and some year round! Customers can buy our produce knowing that care has been taken to ensure superior quality and freshness!
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