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Food Processing

Food Processing is on hold for the time being while we raise our three small children and attend to building an on-farm processing kitchen. Stay tuned as we intend to produce the following items plus many new exciting farm fresh products in the years to come!




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Certified Organic Processing
All our food is certified organic with Pro Cert Organic Systems Ltd. You can be assured that any ingredients we do not produce ourselves are approved for certified organic processing! Creating value added prepared food is something the farm family looks forward to each year. As soon as we get the first killing frost of the year, there is time to hit the kitchen and create traditional foods using our produce as ingredients. Our customers already begin asking mid fall: “Jessie, when are the perogies coming?” Our families united are a mix of Polish and Ukrainian, so the food is delicious. We have taken the family recipes and made them better – we’ve made them all organic! Come out to one of our winter Farmers’ Markets to get your hands on these special, quality foods that are always prepared with care.


Our Perogies
Our perogies are jumbo and the dough is soft and flavourful, thanks to organic butter and the fact that they are made by hand, not a machine. These foods are not just ‘homemade’ they are ‘handmade’! Our perogies come in a few flavours: “The Decadent” which is Potato, Cheddar and Buttery Onion filling; “The Traditional” which is Potato and Cheddar filling and last but certainly not least our “Buttery Onion and Sauerkraut” filling. We have them available in a Spelt flour dough as well as unbleached white. We use only the best organic cheeses & potatoes and there is nothing more satisfying or comforting than enjoying a couple or more of these on a cold winter day!


Our Cabbage Rolls
Along side the Perogies are Cabbage Rolls. We make Vegan and Beef rolls. Using long grain brown rice, we season with our leeks, onions, celeriac & garlic, wrap in our cabbage and smother in our Viva Italia roma tomato sauce and roast until perfect! When making beef rolls, only certified organic pasture raised beef from our neighbours is used. You must like garlic to enjoy these cabbage rolls!

Our Sauerkraut
We make perfectly fermented sauerkraut each year to sell along side the storage vegetables. It is sold raw and unpasteruized. I only use unrefined mineral rich sea salt along with the cabbage to create this super food! Vitamin and mineral rich, this is really great food for your guts and whole well being! This sauerkraut contains nutrients such as potassium, calcium & magnesium, Vitamins C and K and lots of beneficial bacteria!


Our Sweet Corn
During peak harvest season annually we hit the kitchen and have a ‘corn day’. We blanch the corn on the cobs, then saw it off the cobs, let it cool and pack it for freezing. You can enjoy our sweet, sweet corn all winter long in soups, stews or on it’s own for a taste of summer in the dead of winter!

Our Strawberries
Annually during Strawberry harvest we’ll hit the kitchen, hull a bunch of berries and fresh freeze for winter sales! Awesome to have local, organic berries in the dead of winter on their own, with yoghurt or a smoothy!

How To Buy
Sosnicki Organic Produce can be purchased fresh at one of our Farmers markets in the GTA. Some seasonal and some year round! Customers can buy our produce knowing that care has been taken to ensure superior quality and freshness!
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