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Grading Barn


Only the best possible produce
We are fortunate to have our big brown barn for washing, grading and storing vegetables year round!  During the summer months all veg is harvested fresh from the fields and then is sorted and washed in the barn. It is then packed and shipped direct to the Farmer’s market!  We have a large cooler area where sometimes produce spends the night before it is sold, particularly if the market is an early morning one! The cooler is also used all winter long housing bins and bins of storage vegetables for winter sales. We have a common storage area where our sweet potatoes are cured and later our potatoes and other storage vegetables not needing refrigeration call home all winter. We have a large area of the barn insulated and heated by a wood stove where we sort and grade during the winter months. We grade out only the best possible produce.


Limiting waste from the process
Blemished or damaged produce is composted or fed to our animals! We do the majority of our washing and grading by hand in barrels and then sorted on top tables.  We also have the use of an old washer with brushes to clean potatoes, peppers and roma tomatoes when we begin to harvest some volume.  These crops then spill out onto a long grading belt to be sorted and boxed.  One of the best things about being a small farm and selling direct to consumers is the lack of container waste. The majority of all our big green bins are used week after week, market after market!  Even The Big Carrot buys our cabbage from us in these green bins and saves them for us! We have essentially eliminated the need for mass container waste!  At market customers are encouraged to ‘dump out’ the quarts of produce into their bags and give us back the containers to refill for next market!


How To Buy
Sosnicki Organic Produce can be purchased fresh at one of our Farmers markets in the GTA. Some seasonal and some year round! Customers can buy our produce knowing that care has been taken to ensure superior quality and freshness!
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