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Julie Daniluk R.H.N. | Host of Healthy Gourmet |
motivate, educate, empower, heal.

“I just love Sosncki Organic Veggies. The care you take in preparing the produce for market is fantastic. I know the nutrition is peaking because you pick it hours before I see you. I bought some purple cabbage that was bigger than a bowling ball! It made the best coleslaw of the year. Your raw sauerkraut that is unpasteurized, loaded with minerals and nutrients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, vit C and vit K and beneficial bacteria! What you seem to excel at is creating super sweet produce. There is a new study that reports when there is love in the food, people perceive it as sweeter! That must be it because I know that this farm puts their heart into everything they grow. THANK YOU for feeding us! Farming is the most noble profession of all! I wish they were paid more than hockey players as they are the true hero’s!!!”

Maureen Kirkpatrick |

“When it comes to Ontario produce we found “nature’s finest” close to home at the Sosnicki Organic Farm. Ben and Jessie offer amazing quality. Their vegetables are big and beautiful, always delivered at their perfect freshness. The Sosnicki’s have excellent season extension and can supply us almost year round. As responsible environmental stewards, they are very conscious of waste reduction and are continuously improving their operations. Ben and Jessie are a delight to work with and are proud organic ambassadors.”

Ezra Title |
Co-host with Julie Daniluk on the tv show The Healthy Gourmet, from Toronto, Ontario

“Ben and Jessie are the types of farmers with whom any chef dreams of having a relationship. Their produce is top notch and htey deliver the best of each season. I have personally visited the Sosnicki farm and marvelled at the pristine conditions of their fields and greenhouses. It’s no wonder they produce such stellar produce. If I lived in those conditions I would be a happy tomato too!”

Daniel DeMatteis |
Belong Cafe, Toronto, Ontario

“I have been fortunate to get to know Ben and Jessie Sosnicki over the last few years, beginning at Dufferin Grove Farmer’s Market. They are not only wonderful people, but they are extraordinary farmers. They grow beautiful produce, they have a firm and inspiring beliefin what they do and they are an integral part of our local food community. Nobody gets as excited as these guys about the arrival of their corn (maybe the best I’ve had!), their tomatoes, new potatoes, whateveris it is; and their enthusiasm is a benefit to us all. Don’t forget to ask Jessie about getting some of her home made perogies!”

Meghan Telpner |
Nutritionista, Toronto, Ontario

“As a whole foods based nutritionist, where I work to teach people that the very best meals come from the very best ingredients, the quality of my produce is of the highest importance. Jessie makes my job easy. I look forward to seeing her several times a week at the various markets around Toronto to pick up the freshest organic corn, kale, tomatoes, garlic and much more. Jessie/Sosnicki Organic Produce represents everything I look for in a food provider, with her knowledge about the food itself, to being engaged and active in the community to help grow the local/organic movement. Her enthusiasm and obvious passion for her work shines right on throughto each and every bite of her heirloom tomatoes and sweet as can be corn.”

Lisa Borden |
Exceptional Ideas . Ethical Business

“As a mother of 3, committed to eating only the best local and organic produce, I grow my own at home, I shop at small independent stores that have strong relationships with their farmers, and frequenting farmers’ markets throughout the year is one of my favourite hobbies. Not only does Sosnicki Organics grow some of the very best in local produce, but Jessie and Ben are an absolute pleasure to know, speak to and buy from. I think their corn (we eat no other corn!), onions, heirloom tomatoes, kale and cabbage are beyond outstanding (as it everything they grow), but I’m pretty sure my whole family thinks they taste extra good because they were handed to us with a story and a smile…and great pride too. I have been buying directly from Sosnicki’s for years and look forward to my purchases every week, now including frozen summer corn in winter and Jessie’s delicious vegan cabbage rolls made with her own farm veg!

As a small business owner and consultant, I have also recently had the pleasure of working with Jessie and Ben Sosnicki to develop a new brand and help them engage with their clientele and colleagues more. Working with them on the business side of their farm was something that I thought would show me a different side of what they do – what it did, was simply reinforce that the respect, care, kindness and wild enthusiasm that they have at market, is authentically them and is woven through their business and operations. Understanding more completely what Jessie and Ben’s days, weeks and seasons are like, simply makes me more committed to supporting them in any and every way possible.

We need more Jessies and Bens in this world…not just for their food, but to set an example for all of us about hard work, dedication and a fierce commitment to organics. In supporting them, we get the real value – clean, delicious, real food, good health and even making a difference to our world.”

Anne Freeman |
Market Manager – Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market.

“I’ve had so much fun working with Ben and Jessie at the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market, and can’t help feeling a lot of pride when I see their tables weighed down with a rainbow of beautiful organic vegetables ready for customers. Year by year, it just gets better. All through the seasons, so many great meals on my family’s table feature Sosnicki-grown ingredients, from huge spring salads, to fantastic green beans, late summer’s roasted red peppers and tomato sauce (love those crates of romas!), corn on the cob every chance we get, delicious potatoes (of course), and winter’s ultimate comfort food, perogies! We’re very fortunate to have such dedicated organic growers feeding us; they deserve every success!”

Marina Queirolo |
Food Program Manager Evergreen Brick Works

“Ben and Jessie have been one of the vendors at Evergreen Farmers market since the beginning. Not only they grow certified organic produce, also Jessie produces the most delicious perogies. What sets their booth apart is their customers service, you will always finds them attending their clients with a smile. Always chose to participate in every activity to make the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market a better place. Their passion and commitment to strong local food economy is commendable. We love to have them in our community.”

Aaron Harpell |
Evergreen Garden Market

“The Sosnickis are one of the original suppliers for Evergreen Garden Market, Evergreen’s social enterprise garden centre and retail space. Their beautiful, organically grown herbs and vegetable plants entice Toronto gardeners into growing delicious produce in their own garden plots. Ben and Jesse’s innovation and commitment to tasty and healthy food ensure that their farm will remain a leader in organic agriculture for years to come.”

How To Buy
Sosnicki Organic Produce can be purchased fresh at one of our Farmers markets in the GTA. Some seasonal and some year round! Customers can buy our produce knowing that care has been taken to ensure superior quality and freshness!
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